From Bad Seeds to the Book of the Dead - Mick Harvey's intimate and perilous journey brings him to London in June 2011

Posted: 23rd May 2011

If the name Mick Harvey hasn't yet registered on your music-radar, just check one particular CD many of you have already bought - PJ Harvey's excellent "Let England Shake". See? There he is, listed bold as brass in the credits.

After finishing working with Polly, this other Harvey headed back to Australia to finish off a project that had already been burning its creative hole in the depths of the songwriter's brain - now, some four years after penning his first songs for the project, it's finished.

"Sketches from the Book of the Dead" finally appeared a few weeks ago on Mute and is a telling collection of deep thoughts and intimate observations, marking his first entirely self-penned set. To celebrate the completion of this emotive work, Harvey will appear at XOYO in Shoreditch on 5th June, armed with these new songs, as well as a few older bits and pieces. Tickets for the show cost £15.

Up until recently, and prior to his professional dalliance with PJ, Harvey has performed with fellow Aussie legends, The Triffids, as well issuing his previous solo albums (many contained cover-versions). But his initial legacy comes from working with Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds and The Birthday Party back in the day, playing on the latter's classic "Prayers On Fire" and "Junkyard" albums during the early '80s.

Paul Pledger