Al Murray the Pub Landlord's extended 2011 tour - Barrel of Fun Extra dates on sale Friday 20th May

Posted: 18th May 2011
Al Murray

Pubs have always been pretty popular round these parts and it can be no surprise that Al Murray's take on the Pub Landlord is as successful a comic stage presence as any around.

Watching a bald-headed publican sloshing an ever-present pint of (presumably British) beer around a stage decorated like your local's saloon bar as he ruminates on how brilliant it is to be British is, evidently, enough to make yer proud.

Murray also manages to pull off the trick of being defiantly British without being offensive. Any jibes at the French or Germans always seem to come with a glint in the eye that hints at a deeper respect.

This has been key to Murray finding such a huge live (and television) audience for his craft. After the original dates for the Pub Landlord's Barrel of Fun tour sold out, Murray added more. Then the new dates sold out and so another run ('Barrel of Fun Extra') has been announced for the autumn. We could go on like this for some time.

For now, the tour's late licence has been extended to include extra dates, starting in Cheltenham on 24th September, and (currently) ending in Carmarthen's Lyric Theatre on 12th November.

Tickets are available from 9AM on Friday 20th May, starting at around £25.

Stewart Darkin