Take That summer 2011 dates - TICKETS AVAILABLE NOW AT FACE VALUE!

Posted: 13th May 2011
Pet Shop Boys - Image:

When Sir Tim Berners-Lee and others conceived of the worldwide web around 20 years ago, it is unlikely he would have foreseen the extraordinary reach of the internet just two decades on. It is even less likely he would have predicted that large portions of the UK internet would be periodically brought to its knees by four (or five) lads from Manchester called Take That.

Anyone who has sought Take That tickets - or knows anyone who has - will be all too familiar with the phenomenal demand and its consequences. Especially now Robbie's back (SCREAM).

The original dates for Take That's Progress tour sold out last year in seconds. More dates were added; they sold out in nanoseconds. The servers at the nation's online ticket agencies still bear the scars.

But it turns out that not everyone who managed to get tickets for the summer arena dates is able to go and a small number have been returned and are available now. RIGHT NOW.

Support for the entire tour comes from Pet Shop Boys.

Update: extra tickets to be released on Friday 20th May!

All of the ticket returns have now been snapped-up, but the good news for Take That fans is that the boys have re-jigged their stage for all venues and as a result can squeeze (perhaps literally) a few more of you in!

The extra tickets will go on sale Friday 20th May at 9am.

Good luck and don't be late!

Stewart Darkin