Every little helps as Status Quo announce exclusive album deal and December 2011 UK arena tour

Posted: 6th May 2011
Status Quo

Christmas is coming and the reconstituted turkey rolled-shoulder roasts with a lemon and herb crust are getting pre-packed already.

Meanwhile, over at Quo Towers, messrs Parfitt and Rossi are cooking up a new album and a special deal which will replicate the success that Faithless had last year - yep, the old-time rock 'n' rollers are to sell their forthcoming album in aisle 16, just past the sprouts and shaving foam in an exclusive deal with Tescos. "Quid Pro Quo" is released at the end of May in various formats and includes 15 new songs and extra live tracks, including new single "Rock 'n' Roll 'n' You".

Oh, and they have a tour confirmed for the festive run-up as well, although they won't be performing at any branches at this stage - but you never know, they might end up using a song in one of the supermarket's adverts. "Down Down" for cheap prices, "Again and Again" for customer loyalty or how about "Marguerita Time" for a booze promo ("Sherry, Don't Fail Me Now" might be better). I'll get my (denim) coat.

The all-important tour kicks off in Sheffield on 4th December, followed by Liverpool, Nottingham, Brighton, Cardiff and Glasgow on the 17th. Gaps in the band's schedule suggest that there will surely be some London, Manchester and Newcastle action announced soon but, for now, all tickets will cost £37.50 and go on sale next Friday (13th May) at 9am.

If there was any doubt as to whether these were Christmas concerts, check out the support just confirmed today. Roy Wood of Wizzard will bring his monumental beardy glam-rock (and THAT song) for a bit of a knees-up, as well as "Kids In America" pop-singer-cum-green-fingers Kim Wilde performing a few hits. I predict a chunk of "Rockin' Around The Christmas Tree" (the song she sang with Mel Smith in 1987) at some point (or a trip to the bar, whatever you want).

Of course, these headline dates are not the only piece of Quo you can sample this year - the lads are playing many outdoor and festival slots during the summer, including Thetford Forest (9th June), Cornbury Festival 2011 (3rd July), Greenwich Summer Sessions 2011 (28th July) and more, the cheapest and most curious being the Shrewsbury Quarry concert on 15th July - just £15 admission!! They literally are still rocking all over the world (and great outdoors).

Paul Pledger