Foo Fighters Rope-in cinemas for exclusive 7th April 2011 screening!!

Posted: 1st April 2011
Foo Fighters

Y'know, when Dave Grohl appears in the music press announcing a new album, it's kind of business-as-usual, unbridled enthusiasm for his band's new work, a few live shows and five-star reviews, thank you very much. A new Foo Fighters release is always a moment to savour, only this time there's even more reasons to leap up and down like an excited maniac.

As well as their upcoming album (review to come, by the way), they will be performing at the Isle of Wight Festival in June and at Milton Keynes National Bowl on 2nd and 3rd July. All shows are sold out - so do you want to see them play at your local cinema instead?

This is no April Fools shenanigans - an exclusive one-night-only Europe-wide screening of the band performing the new album AND presenting their music-documentary "Foo Fighters Back and Forth", is all set to take place on 7th April only. That's next Thursday, folks.

The average multiplex is capable of handling top quality digital transmissions, it's cheap to organise and you don't have to wear wellies to sit and watch it. And there's popcorn!! Tickets cost £20 for both screenings of the doc and the live album performance - get in quick, they'll sell out fast! [Check: for tickets and to see if they're coming to a cinema near you - Ed]

Please note - this is a 12A certificate film. You MUST be accompanied by an adult if you are younger than 12 (it's probably got a bit of swearing in, knowing Mr Grohl). It's also 150 mins long!

The documentary will feature a history of the Foos' 16-year tenure as possibly the world's hardest working rock band who haven't lost sight of their recording-roots. Butch Vig (who guided Nirvana's "Nevermind" to greatness) has produced "Wasting Light", much of which is a return to basics - the '"making of" will also feature in the documentary.

As a bonus, above is the official trailer to get you in the mood!

And as a further bonus, the Foos have given the nod to master remixer Deadmau5 to perform rejig duties on the current single "Rope". Remixing rock-songs is a bit of a no-no sometimes, but the mouse of house has done it justice and turned it into a bit of neck-snapper! And there it is, just below the cinema trailer, above - enjoy!

Paul Pledger