Getting away from The Thick of It - Chris Addison announces huge UK tour for 2011/ 2012!

Posted: 1st April 2011

Comedians, eh? You don't get extensive UK tours for ages then Kay, McIntyre and now Addison all rock up with nothing better to do than make us laugh our clothes off. Yes indeed, the man who has appeared in various TV shows and won a few awards for his writing skills (he can use a pen or laptop, good start), has announced a decent list of venues to play in, including a raft of warm-up dates beforehand.

Chris Addison, for the uninitiated, started stand-up in the mid-'90s but has more recently found fame in the shows "The Thick of It", "Lab Rats" and "Skins", as well as several radio-shows and panel-game shows such as "Mock the Week". Satire and surrealism, it's fair to say, make up a reasonable chunk of Addison's hilarious shows and you can now look forward to a new version of all the madness.

His first warm-ups begin in Chiswick on 1st November and continue for a few nights until the 4th. There are further regional warm-ups in unlikely places in the South-East (New Milton and Maidenhead), before the tour kicks off in earnest on 16th November in Stafford.

The whole jaunt ends in March 2012 in Shrewsbury on the 18th! Key dates include Aberdeen (18th Nov), Norwich (14th Dec - he then takes a break for a few weeks after), Bristol (10th Feb) and Hammersmith on 29th Feb (yes, it's a leap year next year!).

Tickets cost £10 for the warm-ups and £20 - £22 for the full shows, nice and simple.

Paul Pledger