Soak your senses with Ocean Rain - Echo and the Bunnymen announce classic album tour for September 2011

Posted: 24th March 2011
Echo and the Bunnymen - Image:

If anybody needs convincing that the '80s wasn't a rubbish decade, music-wise, then "Ocean Rain" by Echo and the Bunnymen is surely one of the leading albums of the decade that deserves a listen, at the very least.

Issued in 1984, at a time when pretty boys in new romantic gear were ruling the airwaves and getting the best positions in front of nightclub mirrors, "Ocean Rain" might not be Ian McCulloch's finest 36 minutes ever (I'd have to plump for "Heaven Up Here"), but it's pretty darned close.

Packed full of instant hits, lushly orchestrated and dressed in one of the most iconic (and painstaking) sleeves ever designed, the album put them firmly back on Top of the Pops and onto the walls of students and Goths up and down the UK. I mean, how great is "The Killing Moon", eh? "Seven Seas" and "Silver" were also fine singles and "My Kingdom" probably should have also been one.

The band have announced another tour for those that missed the dates a few years ago, starting with Manchester on 24th September, followed by Birmingham, London, Glasgow, York and finally, and not surprisingly, Liverpool on the 30th. Tickets are on sale this Friday at 9.30am. Ticket prices start at £22.50 (£27.50 for London).

You can also catch them at Chester Rocks 2011 (3rd July - also featuring Iggy and the Stooges, £47.50) and Lounge On The Farm 2011 (10th July - also featuring The Streets and Ellie Goulding, £45 per day, £105 weekend).

Paul Pledger