Radiohead give their King of Limbs an early release - new album and video out today

Posted: 18th February 2011

Apply a damp cloth to your furrowed brow no longer - the time has arrived. The new Radiohead album "King of Limbs", due out Saturday, has been shipped to online customers a day early - in other words, it's released today.

An official press-release has revealed that the latest fruits of Radiohead's labours can be tasted from today rather than hanging about - "With everything ready on their website, the band decided to bring forward the release by a day rather than wait until the planned date of Saturday, Feb 19 to deliver the music." Pop along to to download. The physical release on CD and vinyl will appear on 28th March, giving download customers a 6-week advantage.

As a bonus for Radiohead fans, the band has uploaded a bizarre new video for the track "Lotus Flower" - and we've got it right here on this very page. If you fancy watching Thom Yorke dancing like the crazy man on the morning bus, dressed in a bowler-hat and flailing wildly (a reference to the album's title?), then click on it now! The track itself is of course, friggin' marvelous. Go to it.

Paul Pledger