Get Carter the Unstoppable Sex Machine for a bit of 'Norf and Sarf' rivalry - November 2011 gigs confirmed

Posted: 15th February 2011

"You fat bastard! You fat bastard!" - the dulcet yet dutiful baying of a Carter USM audience, aimed fairly and squarely at resident MC Jon "Fat" Beast's less-than-nubile and half-naked torso during introductions, is a sight to behold. Yet, despite the comedy camaraderie and cheap stage set-ups, Carter The Unstoppable Sex Machine were quite a live force back in the late '80s to mid '90s. OK, they weren't The White Stripes but they could make a healthy old noise out of a limited selection of instruments and a wonky old drum-machine.

The technology has changed but their enthusiasm for a bit of banter hasn't - they've called their next performances, 'Norf and Sarf', an apt choice because their next gigs will take place in, er, the North and South of England. So, are you up for a bit of "Sheriff Fatman" and "The Only Living Boy in New Cross" all over again? You betcha...

Their 2011 diary looks like this - Manchester on 18th November and London on the 19th. To prove there is a divide between the cities, the Manchester one is cheaper at £22.50, while the Brixton night is £25. Both evenings go on sale this Friday at 9am and, as a footnote, this will be the first Manchester date for Carter in a long, long while.

Paul Pledger