Clare Maguire is to have The Last Dance with spring 2011 UK tour - tickets on sale now

Posted: 4th February 2011

Now that the clamour to decide who really is the Sound of 2011 or The Next Big Thing or whatever self-gratifying award they can think of next, let's take a quick peek at Clare Maguire.

Out of the hopefuls selected for this years 'newcomer' role-call, she's probably one of the top two or three artists, not least for her rather striking voice. We've previously posted the video to her debut single (way back in October) and since then, "Ain't Nobody" has racked up over 90,000 hits for the Breakage remix version alone. You can now watch a video for her new single due out on 21st February, entitled "The Last Dance" and rather powerful stuff it is too. I'll just say Annie Lennox - you'll see what I mean...

The other Clare Maguire news is that she is touring the UK in the spring, starting with Manchester on 25th March, followed by Leeds, London, Bristol and more until Oxford on 5th April. Tickets went on sale this morning and are starting to shift a bit - prices start at £10, rising to £12 for London's King's College gig.

Her forthcoming debut album should also appear around the same time as the tour.

Paul Pledger