Comedian Tate and her perfect Tennant confirmed for Much Ado About Nothing in the West End, May - Sep 2011

Posted: 11th January 2011

When David Tennant's Doctor Who character got his Tardis wires crossed with comedian Catherine Tate, was he 'bovvered'? It certainly doesn't seem so - the unlikely pairing was a hit with the viewing public until Tennant was replaced with Matt Smith. Catherine Tate has proven to be a versatile little cookie - appearing in the National Theatre production of Ayckbourn's hilarious "Season's Greetings" until 13th March 2011 [tickets are limited - Ed]], while David appeared in the 2010 TV drama-series "Single Father".

Now the two actors will be reunited for a brand new production of the Shakespeare comedy, "Much Ado About Nothing", set to play at the Wyndham Theatre from the spring to autumn. They will play the parts of the reluctant lovers Benedick and Beatrice, which might possibly prove a perfect match since the two characters normally bicker and banter throughout the play.

It is the first time that the two of them have appeared on stage, but you can expect plenty of chemistry as seen on "Doctor Who"- the run begins on 16th May and 3rd September and tickets are available now from £21 up to £56. But hurry - demand is likely to be very high.

Paul Pledger