Gorillas in your midst - Professor Brian Cox and Robin Ince head-up the Uncaged Monkeys spring 2011 UK tour

Posted: 4th January 2011
Professor Brian Cox

If you remember science at school as being perplexing, fascinating or just plain dull, then prepare to have your expectations shattered by this intriguing series of evenings that seek to answer all the questions you ever wanted to ask about the universe and stuff.

Billed as the first ever natural-science tour, writer and comedian Robin Ince, star-gazey Professor Brian Cox, theorist Simon Singh and 'Bad Scientist' Dr Ben Goldacre will present a lively, entertaining yet earnest look at just what makes everything tick from black holes to the big bang theory.

Packed into roughly 120 minutes, the quartet of scientists, under the collective banner of Uncaged Monkeys, will discuss and dispense facts, figures and frenzied free-thinking, providing it doesn't mention anything connected with talent-shows and Eastenders (although wondering how many trowels Kat uses for make-up application is a wonder of the solar-system in itself) [ooooh - bitch alert! - Ed].

The tour is currently due to start in earnest in Oxford on 1st May, calling at Ipswich, Birmingham, Manchester etc until London's Hammersmith Apollo on 16th May. However, there is also a scheduled stop in Glasgow on 3rd April, which suggests there may be more in the way of venues to be added in the future. Whatever, tickets for some of the gigs are on sale now with many more (Oxford, Ipswich etc) coming online on Wednesday morning (5th January at 9am) - prices are around £25 - £26, with the Edinburgh date costing between £20 and £25 depending on seats.

Professor Brian Cox is currently presenting the BBC live space-watchfest, "Stargazing Live" with Dara O'Briain. However previously he was a member of chart-toppers D:Ream back in the 90s and has also worked on the Hadron Collider project in Switzerland. You get the impression he gets a few second-looks when he updates his Linked In profile!

Robin Ince is also a gentleman with many impressive talents - he's been an impressionist, stand-up comedian, singer, a keen champion of books, as well as a member of the live science and comedy show, Nine Lessons and Carols For Godless People in 2009. He's also dead-learned when it comes to science and rather sharp-witted. Goldacre and Singh also have many amazing scientific credentials, making this a must-see geek-fest cool enough for everyone!

Paul Pledger