REM build-up anticipation with new 2011 album, 'Collapse into Now'

Posted: 29th December 2010

The big guns are lining up new albums for next year already, with Elbow already leaping up and down about their forthcoming epic out on March 7th. Now it's REM's turn and, blow me sideways, they've only gone and picked the same release date for their upcoming album called "Collapse into Now".

They must be insane to try and score a fourth number one in a row against Guy Garvey's heavyweights, but maybe they just don't care [in fact, the REM album was announced before Elbow's! - Ed]. The last album, 2008's "Accelerate", did the business, despite being a bit different with a Jacknife Lee production, but this one sounds more like "Monster", "Out of Time" or "Reveal" - check out the trailer for a quick taste of some of the songs including "Everyday Is Yours To Win", "Discoverer" and the first digital single "Mine Smell Like Honey", a song whose subject matter I am not even going to try to work out.

You can get your hands on a free download of 'Discoverer' at in exchange for your email address!

It remains to be seen when REM will return to the UK for live dates, but Glastonbury has surely got to be an option (hint, hint).

Paul Pledger