Absolutely Flawless - the perfect dance troupe 'Chase the Dream' with spring 2011 tour

Posted: 21st December 2010
Flawless - Chase the Dream

Britain's got dance fever, it's official. Not content with a bit of 'Strictly' (be it dancing or on ice, although it could be argued you can do both at the moment), other shows like Britain's Got Talent have unearthed painfully athletic and dextrous ensembles, much like this lot.

Flawless from the aforementioned programme (and the similar young Diversity who won the competition) have helped bring street-dance to communities, as well as TV screens across the nation, particularly London. After appearing on the small screen however, both acts went one better by appearing on the far larger viewing medium - the cinema screen with the British film Street Dance 3D, released earlier this year.

While Diversity sit out the gigging scene for a bit having just finished their 'Bringing a Toy Story to Life' tour, Flawless have grasped the baton and announced a pile of 'Chase the Dream' dates for 2011, beginning with the Salford Lowry on 4th and 5th Feb and ending with two nights in Poole on 7th and 8th April. In between these two venues, however, are new additions to the pre-existing tour including Peterborough (12th Feb), Coventry (18th/19th Feb) and Aberdeen (29th/30th March). Tickets are on sale now - all around the £20 mark.

Paul Pledger