Don't hang around - Gallows set to play two Christmas 2010 Camden shows in one day!

Posted: 30th November 2010

If you're a Gallows fan living in London, you might just need to sit down for the remainder of this article (feel free to leap up and punch the sky, though).

As you will be aware, the Watford punksters have already announced a full UK tour which starts tonight in Nottingham (snow permitting - check first!) and continues to Hastings on Friday etc, before rocking up to Camden on the 17th for a bit of a Christmas shindig. But that's not all…

Our listings reveal two gigs on one day, probably prompting the odd remark like "do what, Allgigs? Are you nuts?" [that would certainly be the reaction if the reader were from Catford - Ed (from Catford, guv'nor)]. No, dear reader, we haven't come up with a spot of Gallows humour, the band are really playing a lovely pair on the same Friday.

The first stop is a matinee gig (beginning at 2.30pm) at Dingwalls by Camden Lock, with the gig set to feature Frank and the boys blasting their way through the 2006 album "Orchestra of Wolves". Then it's a mad dash (and a quick pint on the way) down the road to the Electric Ballroom for a 6.30pm start and a complete run-through of 2009's "Grey Britain". How cool is that? It's like a pub crawl with a gig at either end.

Tickets for the Dingwalls gig will go on sale tomorrow morning (1st Dec at 9am), while the Ballroom concert (plus the remainder of their tour) are all on sale now at around £15. Get in - matinees are the way forward and a great way to NOT have to mess about with London's ailing Tubes late at night!

Paul Pledger