The return of Blackfield - 2011 UK dates confirmed for Steven Wilson's side project

Posted: 30th November 2010
Porcupine Tree

Mutter the words Porcupine Tree in the face of most trad and prog-rock fans and the reaction might normally be, "Ooh, are they playing live soon" or "What a band!" (or "bog off" depending on the time of day, I guess).

After selling out their recent Royal Albert Hall gig in October, lead Porcupine Steven Wilson turns his attention to his other project, Blackfield, fronted by himself and Israeli superstar Aviv Geffen. Their last album "Blackfield II" epitomised the band's rather less intense approach to songwriting, bordering on melodic soft-rock in places with just a sprinkling of riffing and posturing plus the delicate textures that Wilson's previous pop-outfit No-Man possessed.

Finally, Blackfield is returning to the UK next year with just two confirmed dates so far - Manchester on 7th April and London's Shepherd's Bush on the 8th. Tickets have just gone on sale at £20 - £22.50 with demand expected to be pretty high.

Meanwhile, according to one or two music-press rumours/interviews, Blackfield are polishing off a third album due for release at around the same time as the UK dates. Keep 'em peeled for more additional concerts!

Paul Pledger