Sadler's Wells unveils spectacular array of dance shows for 2010/11 winter season

Posted: 19th November 2010
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Once again, the enigmatic Islington venue Sadler's Wells has stepped up to the ever-demanding plate with an enviable assortment of productions for its winter season. Right through from Christmas until the early days of spring 2011, there is plenty to see at reasonable prices (not quite recession-busting but nowhere near as extravagant as the West End or Covent Garden), rightfully strengthening Sadler's reputation as 'London's dance house'

Matthew Bourne's Cinderella

Matthew Bourne's incredible productions are no stranger to what has become his local theatre (Bourne is from North London) and 2010's "Cinderella" promises to eclipse his previous presentations "The Nutcracker" and "Edward Scissorhands". Running from 1st December to 23rd January, the ballet tells the story of a chance meeting between Cinderella and a dashing young RAF pilot in WW2. Romance blossoms and .... well you'll just have to go and see it! Tickets are £10-£50.

American Ballet Theatre [ABT]

The versatility of this iconic Stateside ballet company is brought to the fore with two new programmes of classical and contemporary ballet, starting with Programme One and Ratmansky's "Seven Sonatas" and Millepied's "Everything Doesn't Happen At Once" (dates are 1st/3rd and 4th February - £10 upwards), while Programme Two features Balanchine's "Theme and Variations" and Tudor's "Jardin aux Lilas" (dates are 2nd, 5th and 6th Feb - £10 upwards).

Flamenco Festival London 2011

Watch this space for our feature about the 2011 Flamenco Festival London, but in the meantime, suffice to say that the two weeks from 8th to 19th Feb inclusive should keep every flamenco fan satiated. The performers include Estrella Morente, Miguel Poveda and Aída Gómez, with tickets starting at £10.

The Forsythe Company

William Forsythe presents an intimate glimpse into his mind with this dance-piece presentation called "I Don't Believe In Outer Space". In the words of Sadler's website, "It looks at the nature of our existence through the choreographer's eyes, both comic and tragic in places". The soundtrack to the work is provided by long-time Dutch collaborator, electronica-composer Thom Willems. Tickets are £10-£27 and the piece plays on 22nd - 23rd Feb.

Bartabas - Ko Murobushi: The Centaur and the Animal

This show features the legendary choreographer and horse-rider, Bartabas, along with a quartet of his horses and a fusion of dressage and dance that sounds so amazing, even I'm going to see it. The piece explores the relationship and similarity between animal and human up to the point where one becomes the other - the horse becomes more human, full of knowledge while man reverts to his animal-type. Tickets cost £10-£40 and the show, here on its UK premiere, runs for just a few nights from 1st - 6th March (but not the 3rd).

Javier de Frutos - The Most Incredible Thing

Four legends combine for this contemporary ballet and dance-piece - the acclaimed choreographer Javier de Frutos, the ever-successful and exploratory electronic duo Pet Shop Boys, the Danish story-teller Hans Christian Andersen and the former Royal Ballet star Ivan Putrov. Together they have created a modern fairytale, telling the tale of one man's quest to win a competition for being 'the most incredible thing'. PSB do NOT appear, by the way - they wrote the music. Runs from 17th- 26th March and tickets are £10-£40.

Russell Maliphant

This much-revered director and choreographer returns to Sadler's Wells with a newly-extended version of his short-piece, "AfterLight", as well as the inclusion of Erik Satie's graceful soundtrack ("Gnossiennes 1-4") and the award-winning dancer Daniel Proietto. Tickets cost £10-£27 for the show which will play just the two nights on 4th-5th April.

Also appearing

Ballet Boyz

We will have a look at Sadler's Spring season in more detail soon - but highlights of new productions include Ballet Boyz (contemporary works performed by remarkable young dance-troupe formed in 2001 - 29th March to 2nd April, £10 upwards), Breakin' Convention '11 (part of the International Festival of Hip Hop Dance Theatre - 30th Apr - 2nd May, £15-£20, and the return of the Northern Ballet and a brand new ballet during May.

Check out the full Sadler's Wells line-up below, as well its sister theatres, the Peacock and the Lilian Baylis, both of which have announced new shows including Tango Fire (12th-23rd April) and Antonia Baehr (26th-27th January) respectively.

Paul Pledger