Hold the line! Toto are always on time - the reformed rockers announce one-off UK date for 2011 world tour

Posted: 18th November 2010

Those of us old enough to remember mullets [is it a type of duck? - Ed], Flexipop and leg-warmers, will no doubt remember the dulcet soft-rock tones of a song entitled "Africa" wafting from the radio-speakers. You either loved it, loathed it or shrugged at it - I did the latter.

However where the song did seem to start striking up some meaning in my life was while playing 'Grand Theft Auto' some twenty years later. The game's designers included a radio-channel within your freshly-stolen Convertible (or refuse-cart in my case) which featured soft-rock classics, one of them being the aforementioned Toto classic, as well as their other biggie, "Rosanna". During game-play, there was something oddly calming about unloading fifty rounds of buckshot at a crowd of roller-skaters or, better still, mowing down gangsters on the pavement to the strains of "I hear the drums echo in the night...."

If either scenario has you welling up with emotional tears, you will be glad to know that Toto are set to play an exclusive UK date next summer, their first for a good few years, save for Steve Lukather's recent solo gigs over here.

The date to remember is 26th June and the place is the Hammersmith Apollo. Tickets are on-sale tomorrow morning at 9am, with prices ranging from £33.50 to £37.50 - demand will be high as this looks like being their only UK date thus far (it's part of a European tour).

The band are also planning to issue a Live In Copenhagen DVD in the new year, but no new album planned as yet (but never say never).

Paul Pledger