The sound of silence - Remembrance Sunday is given the silent treatment with unique charity single

Posted: 9th November 2010

The Royal British Legion is set to raise money with the release of a unique charity single this week. Monday saw "Two Minute Silence" appear as a digital download as well as the soundtrack to an all-star casted video, starring David Tennant, Thom Yorke and past and current British service men and women.

The idea behind the track is simple - to get it to number one on Remembrance Sunday and to raise awareness and recognition for the lives lost in past wars as well as the efforts of our current troops abroad.

The download-only release costs £1 from and comes with a copy of the video to view during the planned two-minute silence on Sunday.

With nearly 30,000 people already liking it on Facebook ( - where you can see a teaser of the video), you get the impression we could see the first silent track at number one since records began - far more worthy and entertaining than Cowell and co. Don't forget to buy it!

Paul Pledger