Why the long face? Big Country have just added several more 2011 tour dates!

Posted: 9th November 2010
Big Country

80's anthem-rock band Big Country has recently announced a January tour schedule, one which was clearly not enough to satisfy the fans. Still immensely popular due to the classics such as "Fields of Fire", "In a Big Country" and "Look Away", the band now fronted by The Alarm's frontman Mike Peters has announced almost a dozen more concerts for the UK, including a hugely-anticipated gig at London's Shepherd's Bush (due in part to selling out the 6th Jan night in Islington).

The new dates start on 8th April in Portsmouth and continue through major cities including Manchester, Bristol and Leeds before finishing in Belfast on 20th April. Ticket prices start at £20 (rising to £22.50 for London) and go on sale at 9am this Friday. Demand for the London date is expected to be high once again.

Meanwhile beforehand, Big Country has the small matter of entertaining the crowds in December/January - tickets are still available for their New Years Eve shindig in Glasgow, as well as their home-coming night in Dunfermline on the 2nd Jan. Prices are also £20.

Paul Pledger