Torvill and Dean - Dancing on Ice - the speculation heats-up as the 2011 tour is announced

Posted: 5th November 2010

The 'red-top' tabloids are already starting to speculate on who might appear in the next series of Dancing On Ice on ITV. One suggests that Matthew Cutler (the ex-Strictly pro) could be appearing alongside Robbie Williams' mate Jonathan Wilkes. Don't let that put you off of course - the series hasn't started yet but there's no harm on betting on a few 'possibles' later on.

Meanwhile, let's tell you about those all-important tour-dates next year, featuring the doyens of ice-skating, our medal-winning skating-duo Torvill and Dean who will once again be training and assisting with the competitors on the series, as well as performing themselves. The tour will feature some of the competitors from the 2011 TV show as well as past competitors, and (of course) the professional skaters.

The first stop on the tour is Sheffield (9th-10th April), Newcastle (12th-13th), Birmingham (15th-18th), Nottingham (20th and 27th), London (22nd-25th) and finally Manchester (29th-1st May) - all prices start at £32.50 plus fees. Tickets go on sale Friday 12th November at 9am.

So who would YOU like to see skating their little egos off on the new series of Dancing On Ice in January?

We're hoping for Ann Widdecombe (just hold that image for a minute), Robert Webb (let him bring the spirit of Flashdance to the ice), Bez (if the cops can find him - he'll be twisting his ankle though, rather than his melon), Peter Crouch (that robot dance would translate well on skates, surely), Lady GaGa (in THOSE platforms - come on!) and shouty-chef Gordon Ramsey with a firecracker in his rear and a sloping rink (sloping towards a wasps nest, perhaps).

I can hear him now....."Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu** it!!"

Whoever appears, it will be an entertaining show and very popular.

Paul Pledger