Andy Parsons unveils work in progress with Nov 2010 Pleasance residency

Posted: 4th November 2010
Andy Parsons

One of the mainstays on BBC2's "Mock the Week" and "QI"has announced four 'work-in'progress' comedy gigs at Islington's Pleasance Theatre during November. Starting from this Saturday, Andy Parsons will entertain a modest crowd at the Islington Pleasance Theatre for just £5, a bargain whether this new routine is ready to go or not!

Parsons has endeared himself to TV viewers with his sardonic and dry wit, laced with informative and factual humour without being too condescending. Basically, while politicians and celebrities keep guffing it up publicly and us humans continue to patronize their existence, our Andy is normally first to the cutting one-liners with his unique almost snails-pace drawl. It's a shame he doesn't read the 6 o'clock news, to be honest.

Tickets will naturally be pretty limited for all four nights, the other three of which take place on concurrent Saturdays right up to the 27th. Let me remind you of the price again - five pounds (and a small fee).

Paul Pledger