As witnessed at Camden Crawl's 'CC Tips' - John and Jehn set for November 2010 UK tour

Posted: 3rd November 2010

Here's the deal: boy meets girl at a party, they get drunk, fall for each other and decide to form a band to keep the flame alive. Five years have passed and French couple Nicolas Congé and Camille Berthomier aka John and Jehn are still going strong. In 2008, they released their eponymous self-produced album to much interest. Earlier this year, their second LP, "Time for the Devil' came out to even further acclaim.

They will complete a busy touring schedule with a November UK tour, from the 15th to the 27th, which will see them perform their lo-fi rock (greatly influenced by the likes of Joy Division, Velvet Underground, Psychedelic Furs and The Stranglers) in the cities of Bristol, London (at the cosy Old Blue Last), Glasgow, Manchester, Nottingham, Cambridge and Brighton, among others.

They were tipped by the Camden Crawl organisers as ones to watch, after being booked at their launch party last week (see the "CC Tips 2011 review" link in the sidebar) , so do lend them an ear, starting with the acoustic rendition of their tune 'And We Run' (check the video, above).

Tickets for John and Jehn are all under a tenner, some coming in at a fiver even, so feel free to indulge!

Solange Moffi