Get the post-electric blues and 100 Broken Windows with Idlewild's winter 2010 UK dates

Posted: 24th October 2010

Joining the ever-growing practice of streaming an entire album online is Scotland's Idlewild, but considering it came out in 2009 then you've probably already got it anyway. If you haven't, click on any of the tracks in the player on the right to give it a listen - it's pretty darned good.

Roddy and the boys are all set for another brace of concerts at the end of the year, including a spot of true Scottish Hootenanny action in the form of a trio of home-land concerts. With the imminent reissue by EMI of the band's breakthrough third album "100 Broken Windows", Idlewild are set to play much of this album at these concerts which should include the singles "Little Discourage", "Actually it's Darkness" and "These Wooden Ideas".

The first gig takes place in Manchester on 13th December, followed by London's Garage on 14th and Edinburgh on 15th. Cue much Festive heroics with the usual indulgences, before the band resumes in Aberdeen on 29th, Dundee on 30th and finally Glasgow on New Year's Eve (and what a night THAT's going to be).

Tickets are on sale now starting at £15 plus fees with it being highly likely that the Scotland concerts will fly out early on [all tickets are flying - London's now sold-out - Ed].

Paul Pledger