Lemmy at him - Motörhead's legendary founder is honoured in new film

Posted: 15th October 2010
Ozzy Osbourne

For nigh on three and a half decades, Lemmy has been swishing the hair against the mic, growling down the thing and straining to reach it on occasion, all actions that have become his trademark during his tenure with the equally iconic Motorhead, the forerunners of the late 70s movement, The New Wave of British Heavy Metal.

It seems only right that the gravel-voiced bassist is given props in a documentary of some sort and, lo and behold, that's just what has happened.

"Lemmy" is a film that was recorded over the space of three years by Greg Olliver and Wes Orshoski, peppered with anecdotes from Alice Cooper, Ozzy, Slash, Dave Grohl and the like and crammed full of footage taken from world-wide concerts as well as plenty of wit and wisdom from the great man himself. The film will be premiered at the London Film Festival next Saturday (23rd) at 9pm, prior to its DVD release on 24th January. Pop over to to catch a sneak preview of the film and get the full low-down.

In November, it's back to the day-job which is more like his passion - he's 65 this year, what a trouper - with the upcoming Motörhead tour in support of a new album entitled "The World Is Yours", also due out in November.

The gigs kick off in Aberdeen on 8th November and continue over 15 dates as far as Brighton on 28th. There'll be no sleep til Brixton, this being their chosen London date on 27th. Tickets cost £26 (£32.50 for London). Make sure you catch this metal institution.

Paul Pledger