Earn your wings - Red Bull Thre3style DJ championships coming to the UK, October 2010

Posted: 27th September 2010
Kissy Sell Out

Strictly Canadian might well be the name of an alt-rock record label, but it could also have been a term applied to the Red Bull Thre3Style DJ Championships a year or two ago. Founded in Canada in 2007, the contest was limited to the land of the maple, before being given international wings by the infamous Red Bull brand in 2010.

Every year has seen the competition grow (and improve) so it was only a matter of time before other countries got involved, one of them being the UK! October will see the Red Bull Thre3Style DJ Championships hit these shores. The competition itself is simple - each participating DJ has to play 3 different genres of music in 15 minutes in a bid to see hands in the air and, more importantly, feet on the floor. Not much point in rocking up with a pile of Phil Collins cassettes, eh? Technical skill and track selection counts, but the reaction from the crowd goes a long, long way.

This is the inaugural international competition and to win you need to register at - to watch it, you'll need to buy tickets via our links below. The first event takes place in Glasgow on 10th October, followed by further regional legs including London (19th) and Cardiff (20th) - keep em peeled for more regional heats. Tickets are a fiver, what a bargain especially with electro-DJ and designer Kissy Sell Out as entertainment support.

Have you got what it takes to be an international floor-filling legend? Mash it up, DJ!

Paul Pledger