An utterly freaky pair of balls - the Bizarre Winter Ball 2010 line-ups announced

Posted: 23rd September 2010
Rolo Tomassi

I guess you could call this annual anarchic freaks 'n' fantasy shindig a 'balls-up' rather than a knees-up - I'm talking about the Bizarre Winter Ball 2010, set to run in Manchester and London in October and November.

Each year, your favourite alternative magazine (the one with the sealed section containing images of people with six elbows and pierced wombs, yeah that one) hosts the wildest parties in the UK (possibly the world?), featuring like-minded performers from the world of music, burlesque and sideshows. If you peeked into the Bizarre tent at Sonisphere and thought to yourself, "Hell yeah, I'm up for that!" then this is for you. If you convulsed in disgust and prefer a true alternative, I understand there's a knitting festival in Basingstoke next week…

The first Winter Ball takes place in Manchester on 22nd October and will feature Eighties Matchbox B-Line Disaster, Rolo Tomassi and Obsessive Compulsive on the music side, ably backed-up by The Circus Of Horrors touring show (celebrating 15 years in 'bloody' existence) and DJs including Simon Price and Cherry Foxxx (who run Spellbound and Stay Beautiful club-nights). Tickets cost £16.50 (plus fees) for the whole night.

London's version of delectable debauchery takes place on 20th November and features the legends of goth-punk, The Damned along with Tiger Lillies, The Circus Of Horrors, Desmond O'Connor - no, not that one, the London-based Vaudeville act - and a DJ set from Back To The Phuture's Mark Jones (expect a sharp set of electro-pop and fetish-tech). Tickets cost £22 plus fees.

Create and wear your favourite costume and you may just end up in Bizarre mag itself (best to avoid that sealed section though).

Paul Pledger