When I click my fingers, you will see the Derren Brown 'Svengali' tour in 2011

Posted: 23rd September 2010
Derren Brown

Hah - I've got this hypno-thing well under control. Actually, Derren Brown is THE master of mind-control and showmanship. Just recently he took an average man on a journey he will never forget - an exercise called "Hero at 30,000 Feet", involving a fairly anonymous subject being given the situation of saving hundreds of passengers on a 'doomed' flight.

Brown uses positive energy and mind-manipulation to 'guide' the chap through his ordeal, in order to save the passengers on board. Now if he could only apply those powers to our train companies, we might avoid the transport mess London is in. Ahem.

If watching on the TV isn't enough, you can now see Derren Brown on tour from March 2011 onwards as he embarks on a psychological brainstorm across the country, beginning in Liverpool on 22nd March and continuing through Grimsby, Oxford etc until Bristol on 1st June. Brown will play at least a few nights at each destination, giving you plenty of chance to witness this clever illusionist.

Is what he does all in the mind? The new show 'Svengali' will certainly answer those questions - definition of a 'svengali' is "a person who, with evil intent, manipulates another into doing what is desired". Tickets cost £35 plus fees.

Paul Pledger