Les Miserables 25th anniversary O2 concert to be beamed nationwide - details announced

Posted: 21st September 2010
Les Misérables - Image:

As the Les Miserables concerts continue to garner attention from the media, as well as customers wishing to attend, you might feel a bit left out if you are a fan of Cameron Mackintosh and living in Bolton, Hartlepool or Merthyr Tydfil. Fear not - we have a possible answer…

To spread the good word of the musical and, more precisely, the forthcoming O2 performance due to be performed by Camilla Kerslake, Alfie Boe and Matt Lucas on 3rd October 2010, you can witness the same production performed live at the London venue. How? By visiting your local Vue cinema [and selected other venues - Ed] and sitting in the warm in front of a big screen. OK, it's not quite like witnessing it 'live' on site, but it'll be cosy and the Minstrels grab-bags will be cheaper.

The O2 will be hosting two performances on the Sunday in question (1pm and 7pm) and the cinemas will focus on a 7pm showing to coincide with the same concert, all via satellite. Tickets for the showings are £15 plus fees and performances are 3-hours - any intervals will obviously be tied in with the O2 performance.

Just about every Vue cinema will be taking part in this event, including a few London ones (Acton and Shepherd's Bush, for example) - the full list appears below.

Paul Pledger