Enjoy the Violens - New York's most anticipated announce in-stores, tour, support slots and freebies!

Posted: 15th September 2010
The Drums

Ah the 80s - I won't go on about it, but as I had nothing in the way of a house, business or cocaine factory to brag about, I loved that decade. So do a lot of current artists milking the era of its best and baddest music/fashion contributions.

It was some time ago I first heard Violens, a quirky indie-pop trio from the States, and I'm sure it was around the same time that La Roux released "Bulletproof", arguably the first homage to the 80s released during this current fad. I liked them and I reckon you will too, if you like your music from that era with a summery indie-pop slant.

The band embark on their own headline tour later this month, starting with a store signing at the Rough Trade Shop (for the new album "Amoral") in Portobello on 28th September, followed by a huge London date for them at The Lexington on the following night - tickets are still available at £7.

Remaining dates cover Manchester and Leeds, before a supporting tour with the not-dissimilar The Drums which covers the tale-end of November, including another pair of huge London nearly-sold-out gigs at the Forum (on 24th/25th November). Tickets for The Drums cost £12.50 on all dates.

If you are keen to hear a really excellent cover version - hear the one embedded (above), which you are free to download from SoundCloud. It's a version of The Marine Girls' excellent "He Got the Girl". Enjoy. But wait, there's more! (in true TV shopping style). You can get your mitts on a remix (by MGMT's Ben Goldwasser) of album track 'Another Strike Restrained' from the band's website:

Paul Pledger