Loadstar (Xample and Lomax) set to release single 'Link to the Past' on 27th September 2010

Posted: 14th September 2010

Big tunes keep on coming from this wonderfully gifted duo, paving the way for their debut LP next year. To cement their production partnership even more, Xample & Lomax have decided to release music under a new moniker, Loadstar.

Make no mistake: 'Link To The Past' is the track of the year so far. Rare fact: it is getting the unusual treatment of not being mixed in, but dropped on its own straight from the start as it is pure dynamite from the first second to the last: an epic intro of soft, dreamy keys switch brutally into a vicious bassline, cleverly updating legendary earth-shattering Ram bassline from the 'Speed Of Sound' days.

'Rapidas' shows a side of Loadstar already showcased with 'Remember', with a beautifully built groove, infectious guitar riff and anthemic vocals.

One of the highlights of Andy C's current set will be released ahead of his 5th 'Nightlife' mix that will feature plenty of massive offerings from big artists, rising stars and brand new signings alike. As far as Loadstar are concerned, this is yet another teaser from the next star act to come out from the Ram stable.