Dreams stay with you - Big Country announce 30th Anniversary concerts for January 2011

Posted: 10th September 2010
Big Country

One of the first bands that I saw in concert (probably in the mid-80s) was the powerful Big Country. Clad in tartan and plaid shirts, their lead-singer Stuart Adamson led a crack group of musicians through a 'wonderland' of stomping rousing anthems at the Cornwall Coliseum (now defunct) including "Chance", "Harvest Home", "Where The Rose Is Sewn" and, of course, "In A Big Country". They were very good. Sadly, Adamson died in 2001 and the band played their most recent tour back in 2007, with a seemingly final release, "Twentyfive" released in their 25th year.

So, fancy seeing them again for their 30th-year anniversary? You betcha. The remaining members have announced a provisional quartet of UK concerts for early 2011, featuring Mike Peters of The Alarm in the lead-singer's shoes (a good choice). The first stop is Newcastle on 5th January, followed by Islington (6th), Birmingham (7th) and Liverpool (8th). Tickets go on sale Saturday at 9am, priced at £20 (£22.50 for London). More dates are expected to be announced in due course.

New material may or may not be in the picture, but one thing's for sure - these are hot tickets!

You may be interested to know that BC members Bruce and Jamie Watson are set to play a few dates themselves, in support of their recent album "Another Anthem For The Damned" and as support for Thunderclap Newman (BC's Mark Brzezicki is currently in the band). There's a London date in amongst it all - Putney's Half Moon on 17th September (£8 admission).

Paul Pledger