Make this your Manifesto - see Mark Thomas live in london, autumn 2010

Posted: 8th September 2010
Mark Thomas

Mark Thomas is a comedian who has forged a career out of getting up the noses of faceless (and famous) political figures - I already like him. He's come a long way since The Mary Whitehouse Experience in the 90s and now spends time campaigning, being an activist and being blessed with a dry wit and sharp sense of humour. His past twelve months activity will now form a large chuck of his upcoming London shows in the autumn, featuring a continuation of his sell-out 'People's Manifesto' shows and his new 'Walking The Wall' performance, either at The Etcetera Theatre or Croydon's Clocktower.

The 'People's Manifesto' is a show written by the audience, the idea being that members are asked to create their own manifesto, rather than follow what the government sets down - it's a sort-of 'f*** you, I won't do what you tell me, because it's rubbish' idea. Thomas then presents these manifestos in his own inimitable style - in fact, he was so geared up with the idea during the last election, he convinced one manifesto creator to stand as a candidate in Bristol (he ended up with 0.6% of the vote, finishing 6th out of 7th).

Further 'Manifesto' warm-ups are now confirmed for the Etcetera Theatre on 25th October, 8th and 22nd November and 6th December and a further BBC Radio 4 series, based on the ideas, is due later this year - tickets are £8 - £10.

Additionally, for the remaining Etcetera Theatre dates (and the Croydon Clocktower gigs), he presents his newest show, 'Walking The Wall'. Based on his real-life ramble alongside the Israeli Separation Border in the Middle East, the show covers his extraordinary (and slightly dangerous) trek from Israel, over to Palestine, back to Israel etc depending on where the wall deviated. True Mark Thomas territory, in other words.

Tickets for 'Walking The Wall' cost £8 - £10 (Etcetera) and £10 (Croydon).

Paul Pledger