A Bug, a Milkman and the Soft Bulletin - The Flaming Lips head-up triple classic album for July 2011

Posted: 1st September 2010
The Flaming Lips - Photo: George Salisbury

Holy moly - check this one out. Three spot-on bands on the same spot-on bill, recreating three totally spot-on albums? Are you mad, Paul? Have you been at the fantasy-Cheerios again? Swallowed too many vodka lattes for brekkie? Calm down, dear - it's all true.

Friday 1st July 2011 might seem like a long way off - it's 10 months away people - but tickets for this go on sale this Friday and are likely to sell out faster than I can write this piece. The venue is Alexandra Palace, North London and....oh I guess we should mention the bands on the bill, eh?

The Flaming Lips

As part of ATP's Don't Look Back series, Flaming Lips will headline and perform their oft-adored and respected "The Soft Bulletin" album in its entirety. Released in 1999, critics and fans alike cite the album as the turning point in the band's fortunes and creativity, spawning classic tracks such as the sublime "Race For The Prize", "Waiting For A Superman" and "What Is The Light?". NME made it their album of the year in 2000 (a landmark in itself, Kasabian won it last year) and its a permanent fixture in many music-fans' collections a decade later. Sounds good - but there's more.... Dinosaur Jr. and Deerhoof will join the bill as support - the former opting to perform their fuzz-ball power-house of an album from 1988, the latter their fondly-loved 'concept' set from 2004.

Dinosaur Jr.

Released on SST/Blast First, during a time when Nirvana didn't exist in the 'Nevermind' state that they became and grunge was a word that described the mould on your bathroom-tiles, Dinosaur Jr's "Bug" is one of those records that never dates, particularly as it kicks off with the potty-mouthed wonder that is, "Freak Scene", a track that rarely made the radio play-lists. "They Always Come" and "The Post" are also worthy classics of a loud, ear-splitting but beautiful nature.

Deerhoof will begin the evening with a rendition of "Milk Man" from seven years ago, an album that has had a seemingly profound effect on the Grizzly Bears, Fiery Furnaces and, yes, Flaming Lips of this world. It may be a fan-favourite but there is more Deerhoof-influence in your collection than you might think, such is their influence.

Tickets will cost £40 for the whole evening (that's about £13.50 per act) and, as a reminder, go on sale here Friday at 9AM!!

Paul Pledger