The Age of Plastic set in stone - The Buggles reform for landmark debut album gig in London, 28th September 2010

Posted: 31st August 2010
Yes - 50

Picture the scene - 1979 was a year of change as punk waved goodbye, post-punk took hold, indie labels popped up everywhere and one soon-to-be prolific and successful musician and engineer purchased a few synths, joining the elite of electro-pop bands in the process. Linking up with ex-Yes musician and keyboard-player Geoff Downes, the duo honed their skills to produce an album that would help shape the charts for the next half-decade.

"The Age of Plastic" spawned the massive pop-song "Video Killed The Radio Star", supplying Horn with all the toys he would need to shape the charts for another half-decade (with ZTT and Frankie Goes To Hollywood). The rest is indeed history.

With the continued and rightful level of interest in the 80s, it seems only right that The Buggles reform - which is exactly what they have done. One final concert has been confirmed for 28th September, an evening which is far from being a run-of-the-mill gig in West London.

The Supperclub will host the evening which has been organized to raise funds for the Royal Hospital for Neuro-disability (, something very close to Trevor Horn's heart. Some very special guests are planned, which may go some way to break out the cost of a ticket - £100. That's not a misprint - because the venue is very small and because the charity cause is so important, you are being asked to stump up a ton. There are other surprises being planned for the night, as well as a £300 ticket for VIP treatment which involves a bed for the evening (I kid you not). A night of true pedigree, no less. Dig deep - it'll be worth it.

In addition to the above one-off concert, The Buggles second-album has been recently remastered and expanded - "Adventures in Modern Recording" reappeared last month on ZTT.

Update: OMD and Claudia Brücken to play support

Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark are to play support - in their original guise as a duo, featuring Andy McCluskey and Paul Humphreys, with Propaganda's Claudia Brücken also making an appearance - presumably to sing alongside Paul for some of their Onetwo material?

Speaking about OMD, Trevor Horn had this to say:

I think what Orchestral Manoeuvres have achieved over the last few decades - that fusion of pop and electronic experimentation - is unique. Both OMD and The Buggles released their début singles in September 1979, so there's another symmetry for them joining us on the 28th. I'm very grateful to Paul and Andy for agreeing to take part in this concert and I personally can't wait to watch their set.
Paul Pledger