Mod made us funky - Brighton's Concorde 2 to host My Generation all-nighter, 25th Septmber 2010

Posted: 25th August 2010

I'm not the only mug who writes bad puns in his tag-lines - the poster for this inaugural all-nighter quotes "touched by the hand of Mod", worthy of a thumbs-up from this quarter already.

But the seal of approval for this huge event celebrating all that is Mod, extends beyond casual language manipulation - the numerous acts and DJs on offer is well worth slavering over, PLUS it is all being held at the temple of Mod (gah, there I go again) - Brighton and, more to the point, next to the beach where numerous stand-offs took place between Rockers and Mods several decades before, normally during the notorious Bank Holiday beanos.

Saturday 25th September at Concorde 2 will be the time and place for My Generation, an all-night party mix of live bands and DJs all vying for the attentions of scooter-riding and parka-adorning Mods from all over the place. You don't have to be a Mod of course, but a keen interest in rhythm n blues, Northern Soul and beat-pop might help.

The live music will come from Acid-Jazz hopefuls The Moons (who are themselves confirmed for a few gigs in London, Bristol and Harlow in the coming weeks) and Ocean Colour Scene's main-man Steve Cradock and his pin-sharp band.

DJs include Mani (Stone Roses / Primal Scream), Rob Luis (Tru Thoughts label), Andy Lewis (Acid Jazz and Weller collaborator) and many more, plus there will be vintage cars and other exhibits of Mod culture. Sounds like a cool ticket - and a decently priced one too.

Tickets are on sale now at just £20 for nearly 12 hours of Mod heaven (runs from 7.30pm til 6am).

Paul Pledger