Warp unveils the beautifully crafted, sumptuous 2010 Brian Eno album package

Posted: 24th August 2010

Recently we mentioned the upcoming Icebreaker renditions of Brian Eno's landmark ambient album "Apollo" at the South Bank. Tickets are still up for grabs by the way.

So, without any shame or regret, I have to report how much my trousers shrank when I copped an eyeful of Eno's latest package - yep, THAT new album on Warp Records. Boy it looks good. If you're a fan of cars, then this new album might even make you weep a little because it comes in several versions, including two limited deluxe editions. I mention cars because you have the Rolls Royce, the Porsche and the Fiat 500 represented as art right here. Three iconic boy's and girl's toys, dressed to the nines in leather finish and damn sleek to boot.

Brian Eno's album is released on 15th November on the most apt of labels - Warp have been at the forefront of electronic music for the past 20 years, Eno for 20 more than that and "Small Craft On A Milk Sea" might look like U2's last album, but you should never judge an album by its cover. Except in this case.

The 'Rolls' version is the whistles-and-bells Limited Edition box which features a 180gm double-vinyl album (case-bound), a double CD version with extra tracks, a 12" lithograph designed by Eno himself and download / MP3 versions. It comes in a huge slab of a box that looks the mutt's nuts. £60.

The 'Porsche' version is the Collectors' Edition (just 250) box which comes in a streamlined silk-screen square, numbered and signed by Eno with all that the Limited version has, plus a unique print and, get this, a copper-plated etched spine. Price TBC - might involve a huge loan. The 'Fiat' is a standard CD in an eight-panel slipcase type thing that still looks nice but doesn't have all the tasty extras. I'm sure the music will be just as good of course, but it's always great to see a bit of thought and celebration go into the packaging as well as the sounds. Start saving now.

Now - I wonder if he wants to perform it live...

Paul Pledger