Things really can only get better - D:Ream return with 2010 album and live action

Posted: 24th August 2010

The concept of signature tunes is a weird thing - every band or singer has at least one and D:Ream have theirs - I've hinted at it in the headline above. "Things Can Only Get Better" also became Labour's theme as well [yes, the site of Two Jags grudgingly bobbing around in 1997 is emblazoned in my brain, unfortunately - Ed], but when the song first appeared in 1993, I seem to remember the country was in a right old mess much like it is now, so perhaps D:Ream sell better and perform better in the face of adversity.

To this end, the duo have confirmed the release of their first album in 15 years - "In Memory Of..." will appear in November, some time after their first London date in ruddy ages. 'Date' may just turn into 'dates' later on, but for now Messrs Cunnah and Mackenzie have confirmed London's Islington O2 Academy as the location and 21st October as the date. Tickets are on sale now at just £12.50 plus fees - we'll let you know if anymore go on sale.

Meanwhile, if you fancy a taster of the album, head to their website for an exclusive jukebox style listening experience, as well as the video for the 2009 single "All Things To All Men" (the lead-off track on the album).

Paul Pledger