Rabbit on and on! Chas 'n Dave announce reunion/ farewell concerts for 2011

Posted: 20th August 2010

Once upon a time, Chas 'n Dave were considered to be uncool - two scruffbags and a drummer, armed with a repertoire that bordered on risqué and what were, in effect, jolly pub-songs. But then in 1979 the phrase "Gertcha!" became synonymous with a beer advert (Courage) and messers Hodges and Peacock never looked back. More recently during the late 90s, the pair were flavour of the month with students and interest has rarely waned since and people of all ages love a knees-up don't they?

Last year Dave announced his retirement due mainly to the death of his late wife - now they have both teamed up once again for one last farewell tour in March next year. At the moment the boys have confirmed four venues including Bedford (2nd), Liverpool (19th) and Wolverhampton (31st), but the real draw for the 'rockney' pairing is London's Indigo2 on the 10th and 11th. Tickets are available now priced at £22.50 - £27.50 for London and £20 elsewhere.

Expect an emotional farewell right across the country - and possibly more dates.

Rabbit, rabbit, rabbit, quote one of their songs and also to remind you all about Chas' new book due out in September - called "Chas and His Rock 'N' Roll Allotment", a gardening book with a difference that mixes anecdotes, funny stories and genuine hints and tips on how to get the best out of the soil, wherever you live. Jools Holland has even written the foreword.

The duo have also contributed their classics to a new musical, "Stop Dreamin'" - more details to come.

Paul Pledger