Rogues, Robbins and Roots - Hollywood forgotten as Tim Robbins announces autumn 2010 UK dates

Posted: 13th August 2010

You know Tim Robbins - steely actor from "Shawshank Redemption", "Bull Durham" and "Mystic River", light-hearted role-player in "High Fidelity" and "Austin Powers", director of "Dead Man Walking" and singer / musician in a country-roots band. Spot the odd one out - yep, "High Fidelity", rather disappointing compared to the book.

What is pretty good is the last little activity that Tim Robbins has been keeping under his ten-gallon hat all these years, playing Americana and gypsy-roots with Rogues Gallery Band. If you want a taster of their style, nip over to and cop a free download taken from the upcoming album, billed simply as "Tim Robbins and the Rogues Gallery Band" and due out in September.

Around the same time, Robbins will appear in London at the Union Chapel on 30th Sep and Salford's St Philips Church on 1st October. Tickets cost £14.85 - £16.50, not bad for a spot of Hollywood. But this is no fly-by-night gig - Robbins has been deadly serious about his music for some time and now feels ready to reveal all, albeit gradually.

Paul Pledger