All ship-shape and rosemary-fashion - North London theatre announces Gilbert and Sullivan opera for September 2010

Posted: 9th August 2010

Islington's boutique Rosemary Branch Theatre has just recently held its very own festival, featuring several musical gatherings and productions created by the Charles Court Opera company. The venue has now just announced another collaboration with the successful, yet young, opera group as well as the piano-duo and arrangers, Eaton-Young.

HMS Pinafore is the chosen choice for a short season at the North London theatre and reveals a continued commitment to quality productions of works by Gilbert & Sullivan. It's not the first time the CCO have produced an opera by the duo, with "Mikado" and "Iolanthe" being just two of them. HMS Pinafore concerns the romantic intentions of an able seaman and the apple of his eye, delivered in satirical all-singing and all-dancing style. It's a fast-paced production that adds a modern twist to the two-part comic-opera.

Tickets are now available for the run which starts on 1st September and ends on the 19th, with prices starting at £15 for evening performances.

Paul Pledger