Wanna be a freak? Alice Cooper hosts a London Halloween 2010 double-bill and invites you to be part of it

Posted: 3rd August 2010
Alice Cooper - Image:

He's promising a 'bloody good time' and a 'night of fear', but rather than talking about a night in Crawley's town centre, Alice Cooper is not only inviting you to attend his planned Halloween parties - he's asking if you want to be in it! Yes folks, the man who brought you "School's Out", "Elected", "Poison" and "Hey Stoopid" is indeed extending his own cold-bloodied 'welcome to his nightmare', with the chance to appear at the forthcoming Roundhouse events.

Cooper will host a 'horrible' pair of evenings at Camden's Roundhouse on 31st October and 1st November, which will also feature the Jim Rose Circus and Zodiac Mindwarp - plus any freaks and geeks out there who pass the auditions being held on Alice Cooper's website ( ). Send in a video of your weird and wonderful act (or sideshow), attend an audition at the London Dungeon on 9th August with the man himself and finally get accepted to appear on stage and throughout the show. Closing date for submissions in 7th August. In Alice's words - "I've walked the streets of Camden thinking "I'd like to have that guy in the show!"". Methinks he hasn't been on the night-buses to Hounslow or Croydon lately.....

But if dressing up is not your thing, you can purchase tickets to these exclusive shows from next Friday 13th (of course!) August from 9AM onwards, priced at £33.50 + fees. Either way, Cooper's wish is to make Halloween as big as Christmas! I'm sure his shows will certainly make for a memorable evening without having to hear Slade's "Merry Christmas Everybody" on repeat.

Paul Pledger