It's heaven up here - Echo and the Bunnymen add extra dates to 2010 classic album concerts

Posted: 29th July 2010
Echo and the Bunnymen - Image:

Ian McCulloch, frontman of Liverpool's post-punk heroes Echo and the Bunnymen, is never one to shy away from modesty. A statement from the PR blurb on the band's website, exclaims a quote from the man himself as he describes this tour - "It's going to be a masterclass in rock 'n roll". Nice one Ian. I wouldn't expect anything else from you and your lads, quite frankly.

After their successful rendition of their ground-breaking album "Ocean Rain" a while back, they have opted for their early roots this time, choosing the debut "Crocodiles" and the follow-up set (and in my humble opinion, their best) "Heaven Up Here" for a brace of special concerts in December. Confirmed are Birmingham (4th), Oxford (6th), Manchester (7th), Glasgow (8th), Brixton (9th) and Liverpool (11th / 12th). Manchester goes on sale on Friday at 9am, while Liverpool on the 11th is all but sold-out of face-value tickets. All dates cost £25 (London is £27.50) plus fees.

The two albums are significant in the Bunnymen's musical progress. "Crocodiles" from 1980 was one of the earliest releases on the short-lived Korova label and included dark, vibrant yet thoughtful vignettes such as "Rescue" the classic early single, "Pictures On My Wall" and "Villiers Terrace". For a debut it was as self-assured as you could find at the time. Until 1982's glorious "Heaven Up Here" that is. Sporting a gracious and widescreen glossy sleeve of the band silhouetted against a Welsh evening sky, it was darker yet more refined than the debut with the involving introspection of "A Promise", "All I Want" and "Over The Wall" being particular highlights. You can certainly hear how Editors really got their ideas from, despite them claiming it was Joy Division early on.

Well worth booking tickets for, trust me.

Paul Pledger