Return of the Tempest - Europe's Balls and Banners revealed for 2011 UK tour

Posted: 27th July 2010

I heard their rock-classic yet again at the weekend, you know, "The Final Countdown" by Europe - they were using it on Formula 1 again, the bit where the last few minutes before qualifying are played out with slow motion shots of spinning flimsy cars hitting gravel, fists are pumped in clenched unison and commentators wearing 70s headphones the size of fruit-bowls. Imagine how many times that song has been used for idents and adverts - DFS must be due to use it for their Boxing Day Sale I reckon. But, one thing you can't deny - it's a classic.

Understandably the creators of that rousing song are keen to continue writing and performing, proven by Europe's latest success as a band - "Last Look at Eden", the album released last year. A number 1 album in Sweden and a Top 40 hit in Germany, Italy and Switzerland, it has also spawned a minor hit in the "New Love in Town". Their next target is the UK and you are duly invited to their "Balls and Banners" tour in 2011.

First stop is Glasgow on 17th February, followed by Birmingham (18th), Shepherd's Bush (19th), Oxford (21st), Bournemouth (22nd), Bristol (23rd), Manchester (25th), Leeds (26th) and finally Newcastle (27th). Tickets are on sale at 9am on Friday, priced at £17.50 - £18.

Paul Pledger