Herbie rides again - new album project to be fully realized by jazz-legend Herbie Hancock at November 2010 UK dates

Posted: 23rd July 2010
London Jazz Festival 2021

What a legacy Herbie Hancock has built up over the years - he's recorded some truly absorbing jazz work since the early 60s, including "Empyrean Isles", "Maiden Voyage" and the soundtrack to "Blow Up", scored acclaim with fusion-works such as "Headhunters" and "Secrets" (as well as the soundtrack to vigilante-flick "Deathwish"), merged electro and funk together for "Future Shock", its single "Rock-It" and "Sound System", collaborated with African kora-master, Foday Musa Suso and inspired other latter-day musicians such as LTJ Bukem to craft beautiful music.

As for collaborations, Hancock doesn't have the need or inclination to indulge in this practice too often, apart from the Suso and Wayne Shorter exercises in earlier years. So, how does a pop and soul project sound to you - scary? Amazing? Whatever the idea sounds like, Herbie Hancock has already created the Imagine Project, already recorded it and already planned a global-tour to promote the idea, including 3 very special nights in the UK. It is the third in a trilogy of similar vocal-projects.

The album is designed to pull musicians and superstars from all corners of the globe and breathe new life into contemporary pop and rock standards, integrating many cultures from around the world. "The Imagine Project" will feature contributions from Pink, Seal, K'Naan, Los Lobos, India Arie, Jeff Beck, Chaka Khan, Anoushka Shankar, Toumani Diabate and his old sparring partner, Wayne Shorter. They tackle songs such as "A Change Is Gonna Come", "Don't Give Up" and "Imagine" and we'll have a review up pretty soon.

The concerts will take place in Manchester on 12th November, followed by two at London's Royal Festival Hall on the 13th and 14th. Tickets are available now and range from £32.50 to £49 - these will fly out, especially with the prospect of special guests! The concert forms a part of the London Jazz Festival 2010.

Paul Pledger