Don't score an own goal - book 2010 London football friendlies through allgigs!

Posted: 16th July 2010
Arsenal - Image:

A few London football clubs are engaging in some intriguing 'friendlies' over the coming weeks, and we just happen to have some tickets available for purchase. For a bit of fun I've predicted a few score-lines as well - there's goals in them thar matches I reckon.

Crawley Town vs...

Chelsea FC

Crawley Town vs Chelsea The Premier League champions have a lot of work to convince a few England supporters that they have the minerals to win it again, so why not go along to Conference minnows Crawley Town for a right royal hammering? I'm being unfair - Crawley might only get to score 2 or 3 (ducks flying slipper from Chelsea fan Ed). Messrs Terry, Cole and Lamps had a torrid time in South Africa, what with ropey refs needing a trip to Specsavers and having a mope about the manager, but club-level should see a return to form. Crawley Town, on the other hand, can look forward to a more sustained future after their debts were effectively written off (or paid) and renewed optimism has returned to Broadfield, which is where this (and other pre-season matches) will take place on Saturday 24th July - tickets just £14. 5-nil to Chelsea.

Arsenal FC

Crawley Town vs Arsenal Prior to 'the Chels' playing at Crawley, arch-rivals to human-kind Arsenal (just kidding, easy Gooners) play at the Sussex stadium on the 20th July for the same price. In the end, Wenger's men came good and finished 3rd although cup competitions weren't too great for them - silverware you say? I'm sure Theo Walcott wears a friendship-bracelet........3-1 to Arsenal. £14.

Queens Park Rangers FC

Crawley Town vs QPR The last big visitors to Crawley will be QPR on the 28th July. As they only managed 13th in the championship last season, I imagine Neil Warnock is keen to bury the hatchet, although I find resorting to violence a bit strong, eh Neil? I'm going for a score-draw here, 2-2. £14.

Fulham, Spurs and Masters

Fulham FC

Fulham vs SV Werder Bremen. Roy Hodgson helped earn Fulham their highest finish in the Premiership last season, although Roy has hopped it to Liverpool leaving Ray Lewington the arduous task of guiding them to 12th or better. Their taste of European near-success is well-documented and they will face a team who have performed well in the German Bundesliga, Werder Bremen on 7th August, tickets costing £16.35. Hmmm - 1-1.

Tottenham Hotspur

Leyton Orient FC vs Tottenham Hotspur. The Matchroom Stadium is the setting for this interesting match-up between a club that has seen the pits of despair at certain times (yes, I mean Orient) and another that surpassed expectations by finishing 4th in the Premiership last season. Come on you Spurs (unbiased shout there) - Harry's game has certainly been a hit with many fans and critics alike. See how they do against League One strugglers, The Os on Wednesday 28th July. £10 - £15 per ticket. Gotta go for a Spurs win though - 4-1.

Masters Football

Don't forget that many legends will be displaying their exhibition skills on the Masters Football Tour tomorrow (Newcastle), Sunday (Manchester) and the 24th (Wembley Arena). Tickets cost £20 - £28 approx - expect to see local and national footballing legends entertain you with a serious of quick matches and nifty skills. Come on referee!

Paul Pledger