Owl City postone November 2010 UK/ Europe tour

Posted: 14th July 2010

Owl City have just announced the postponement of their November 2010 UK and Europe tour.

Minnesota-based Adam Young AKA Owl City's indie-electro keyboard man cites parents, flowers and heavy lifting as to the reason, for the cancellation of the dates which would have started on 17th November in Birmingham, finishing on the 24th in Dublin.

Flowers? Yes, that's correct. The young man can't let his parents' flowers wither and wilt while they're away now, can he? Am I mad? No, but Adam may be - here's a concise version of what he had to say on his myspace (

To My Dear Friends in the UK and Europe
My parents have gone camping all week and I've been gracefully entrusted the grave responsibility of ensuring that my sweet mother's flowers are kept alive, happy and comfortable while she's away.

She obviously isn't aware of the ubiquitous fact that I RULE at watering plants.
Regardless, the gears continue to turn, the wheels continue to roll, and I'm just about half done writing the new Owl City record. I'm having such a ridiculous amount of fun in the studio, it should practically be deemed unlawful in the state of Minnesota.....
However, there's still a lot of heavy lifting to be done and given what little time there is between now and the glorious amphibious dawn of release, it is with great dismay that I must woefully step away from the United Kingdom/European tour dates that were recently pencilled into the books. My doleful, supple heart petals wilt under a searing sunburst microscope of woe.....
The GOOD NEWS is this:
I shall return posthaste to the UK/Europe with swift immediacy and in doing so, emerge from the fog in a billowing thundercloud of live concerts, a celestial tour brighter and more exuberant than ever before!
So, to put it simply:
If you live in the UK or Europe, don't you worry about a thing!
I'll be back before you know it.
Lots of love,

So, there you have it - hold onto your tickets/ get a refund from your point of purchase/ exchange for an automated water sprinkler - your call.

Daniel O'Connell