What a nightmare! - Avenged Sevenfold and Stone Sour team up for autumn 2010 album tour

Posted: 14th July 2010

It would be fair to say that A7X (or Avenged Sevenfold) had a bit of a nightmare of their own at the tale-end of last year, with the sad loss of their enigmatic drummer, "The Rev" (James Sullivan). The poor chap was only 28 but succumbed to an "acute polydrug intoxication" (too many prescriptions in one sitting) so, naturally, the band are keen to dedicate their new album, "Nightmare", to him as well as any dates they play in future.

Now, with Dream Theater's more-than-able replacement Mike Portnoy perched firmly on the drummer's stool, Avenged Sevenfold are back with, well, a vengeance and a brand new album, to be released on 26th July, and a tour during the autumn.

Tickets go on sale here this Friday at 9AM and with premier support from Stone Sour, who themselves will come armed with new material ("Audio Secrecy" album is released in September), sure to sell out pretty damned quick. The dates are Glasgow (26th October), Manchester - [again! - Ed] (27th), Birmingham (28th), Hammersmith (30th), Newcastle (2nd Nov), Leeds (3rd), Manchester (4th), Plymouth (6th) and Brighton (7th) - prices are £27.50 - £29.50 plus fees. Both acts will perform full sets and there will be special guests on the night.

The new A7X album will appear in a limited edition version only available via the band's website, which includes the full CD "Nightmare", a special demo of the title-track with 'The Rev' drumming on it, lyric book, leather-bound, lithographs and download version. Sounds like a nifty-package.

As a further reminder of how light and fluffy the boys aren't, check out the sing-a-long official video to the digital-single, also called "Nightmare". See you on Friday morning...

Update: 16th July

The 30th October London date has sold-out, but an extra date has been added for 31st October. Face value tickets for Leeds, Newcastle and Manchester (both dates) are also now sold-out, but there are a few tickets remaining for all other dates.

Paul Pledger