Well good tour, yeah? Lee Nelson thinks you is well wicked for turning up to his autumn 2010 shows

Posted: 9th July 2010

Simon Brodkin has been touting his chavvy character Lee Nelson for a while now. Initially part of Al Murray's TV series "Personality Disorder", Nelson has moved up in the world and got a TV series all to himself (well, along with a few other Brodkin characters). The "Well Good Show" has been running for a few weeks and seems to have divided opinion - 'why watch it when you can see plonkers like him on every bus in London?' or 'hilarious parody of a British institution' etc. I'm on the fence but he certainly has his moments and his many other characters, such as Jason Bent the prancing footballer, certainly seem truer to life than most.

Brodkin, sorry Nelson, dons his 'tracky-bottoms' and gold-chains for a whole stream of live appearances in the coming months and tickets are available right now. On 23rd July he performs at the Ealing Comedy Festival before heading off to Tunbridge Wells (29th) and Hammersmith (1st Aug), taking a short break and then back on the road (in his Impreza I reckon) to Preston (21st Sep), Derby, Cambridge etc until 3rd December when he arrives in Folkestone. Tickets vary in price but are generally around the £15 mark (or less). Now that is well good, innit?

Paul Pledger