Always now, always rebuilding - Section 25 return to the live circuit in the family way for 2010

Posted: 8th July 2010

I remember describing Section 25's previous battles with the odd bad run of luck and amount of obstacles faced as "having swum to the other side of life's p*ss-filled lido", but the band must have wondered where all the clean towels had gone when lead-singer and founder-member, Larry Cassidy passed away earlier this year. But in true S25 spirit, brother Vin and daughter Bethany are prepared to re-evaluate and refit their future with yet another incarnation, and another album (pretty much completed).

Their previous tragedy, the loss of Larry's wife Jenny in 2004, inspired them to regroup and record the blistering "Part-Primitiv" and electro-pop "Nature & Degree" - now, after another, they are ready to play live again with Bethany on vocals, as support to upcoming rework project, "Retrofit" due later this year.

Their upcoming dates include Leicester on 16th September, Blackburn on 22nd October and Manchester's FAC 251 on 20th November. Tickets for Leicester are on sale now, priced at £7 (plus fee) with the remaining gigs becoming available soon.

"Retrofit" itself promises new versions of ten familiar Section 25 tracks, which is sure to include works from their key album "From The Hip" from 1984. Much of this landmark opus will form part of the upcoming live sets - "Looking From A Hilltop", their near-crossover in the States, always a highlight.

Paul Pledger